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"Good boy! Sit. Leaaaaaaave iiiiiiiit. Release!" If you're anything like me, this is part of your daily vocabulary as a dog owner. If you happen to also say things like, "Come here you little monkey! Who's my sweet little boo-bear? WHOOZHE WHOOZHE WHOOZHE WHOOZHERRRRRRS!", then I definitely should meet you and your dog(s).  Doghouse Portraits is all about me getting my dog fix and you getting life moments with your dog, in your house, captured and memorialized in the form of heart-warming, professionally produced photos. You. Your dog. Your house. Doghouse.

There's a good chance I'll forget my manners when you first open the door as I will probably greet your dog before I have enough sense to say hi to you. Within minutes of unpacking my camera, I'll be on my belly on the floor getting to know your furry best friend. Before you know it, I may ask you to cuddle together on the couch, or simply hang out in a doorway. The idea is to create beautiful photography of you with your dog in the home you share. Some photos will be of you together, others will exclusively feature your furball. No matter what, the mood will be light and fun, and the style of the photos is guaranteed to be modern, creative, full of love, and unique.



Some dogs' attention spans are better than others. 30 minute photo sessions have proven to be the sweet spot for photographing owners with their furry loves. Plan to hang out in your living room, kitchen, front stoop or even your rooftop deck. The whole point is to be in your house. Session fee $125.


After your photo session, you'll review a gallery of the best photos (20 on average) and then purchase printed products and/or digital files. Think matted and framed or loose prints, acrylic wall hangings and bamboo blocks. Loose prints as low as $20, digital files for $85.

Our photo shoot with Nata was so much fun! Normally I don’t love being in front of the camera but Nata made it feel incredibly relaxed and natural. And our puppy, Sumo, absolutely adored her - I couldn’t believe how well she held his attention and kept him interested!
— Christy W. of Seattle



The $375 minimum includes a $125 session fee that covers 30 minutes of photography, travel to/from your home, editing of your photos, prepping for print and ordering from labs, inspecting lab work and re-packaging for shipment. It also includes a $250 credit toward your product purchase, which you'll select once images are ready. The product menu is listed below - please keep in mind that shipping and tax are additional.


These 3 bundles (Dane, Bulldog, Chihuahua) benefit from a discount (already reflected in price) and include the $125 session fee.

DANE $675
3 digital negatives
1 8x12 bamboo block
1 12x18 frame of an 8x12 print w/ a double white mat

2 digital negatives
1 8x12 framed print
1 5x7 acrylic block

3 digital negatives
1 5x7 framed print



Custom sizes available. Most popular:
16x20 distressed black frame of an 8x12 print with a double white mat, $315
8x12 distressed black frame easel back, $150

Custom sizes up to 24x36
12x18 $105
8x12 $40
5x7 $20

$85 each, high resolution, digital jpgs (raw files not for sale) are corrected for color, exposure, contrast. Retouching available at $20 additionally per negative. 


3/4" thick, ready to hang
16x24 $375
8x12 $115
5x5 $75

1" thick, self-standing
4x6 $80  5x7 $95  6x6 $115
1/8" thick, ready to hang
8x12 $150  12x12 $185  11x17 $255

$125 Set of 25 4x6 folded cards, with white envelopes. Your favorite photo featured on a satin coated front, with a blank uncoated inside. 


A word about frames… The dimensions of frames with a double white mat, like a 12x18 framed print offered in the Dane product collection, means an 8x12 print is surrounded by a double white mat and the total exterior dimensions are approximately 20x14 depending on the exact molding. The key thing to note is 12x18 is the measurement of the opening of the frame without any mat. If no mat is listed, e.g., “8x12 distressed black frame easel back”, then the size of the frame means that’s the size of the print (8x12) and the total exterior dimensions are a bit bigger depending on the exact molding. Standard Nataworry molding is a weathered black or aged gray.

We absolutely loved working with Nata! She was fast, energetic, and fun. We are so thankful to have photos of our family that include our 10 year old dog Maddie. I highly recommend Nata, she was patient and kind to both Maddie and our 2 year old daughter, and the photos she took of this special time in our lives will be treasured for lifetimes to come.
— - Kim B. of Seattle


Hi! I'm Renata "Nata" Steiner of Nataworry Photography. Professional portrait photography is my full-time focus in Seattle, WA, USA when I'm not traveling with my husband, or taking our beloved mystery blend of a rescue dog on 3 walks a day. Griffin, AKA, G, G-Love, G-Money, Griffers, Griffy, Whoozhers, Monkey Bear, etc. is a big reason behind why I started Doghouse Portraits, the dog-focused part of my business, Nataworry Photography. To see people portraits, minus pups, visit And check out snippets from a Doghouse Portraits interview by Seattle’s weekly The Stranger for its 2019 Pet Issue!

photo by Carol Harrold

photo by Carol Harrold



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